Thursday 24 January 2013

My Sales Dialer Vs Other Dialers

Sales professionals know that a successful call generates a wealth of profitable return.

However, it’s a known fact that productivity is the name of the game in the world of sales and cold calling can take a direct hit to you and your office’s performance. Fortunately, MySalesdialer allow you to achieve all your desired goals in no time!

In the past, competitor companies such as Mojo Dialer, Lead burner, Callfire, Ytel etc offered similar services to salespersons in order to increase profitability, but with the new age software called MySalesdialer you are guaranteed to increase your productivity to 80%!

MySalesdialer is a dynamic and feature rich application that helps you dial 200 numbers per hour, generate up to 80 leads or more, track them better, email and close sales like never before. Founded by sales professionals for sales professionals, this breakthrough company offers the highest-grade power dialing features available on the US market.

If you aren’t using MySalesdialer, you are missing out on a wealth of profit generating business opportunities. Click here to learn more about MySalesdialer

One of the key advantages that the MySalesdialer holds over other competing companies Mojo Dialer, Call fire, Lead burner, Ytel etc is its Mobility in operations. With other Dialers, users are able to make up to 200 calls an hour, but only if they are using it from their PCs. because other dialers have the limitations, user cannot use other dialers Out of office! Whereas MySalesdialer is mobile based dialer which means you have to lug it with you wherever you go in order to take advantage of its uses. MySalesdialers provides its users with mobile access at the tip of their fingers – enabling freedom of travel whether it is for business or pleasure.

In addition, MySalesdialers also has an extreme advantage over other compititor diaers is the price! While competitors usually cost around $100 to $150 per month, MySalesdialers is offering its services only for approx 20% of competitor’s price!!


  1. You should checkout an application called MobilCTI Power Dialer. It is a quite handy tools for people who needs to make lots of phone calls. It turns Android Phone into automated telephone dialer system so you can reach 100s of customers easily.

  2. Nothings compares better than mJobForce and MySalesDialer. They are going to kill the competition, since they have offered now the apps for free! I can't believe it but its is true!!! -mJobForce user

  3. anyone can check it now for 15 day's trial.

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